Nikon D5100 settings

Nikon D5100 Camera Settings

These are the D5100 settings that I prefer.

Playback Menu

Playback display options- None, Highlights, Shooting Data, Overview= ON

Image Review-On

Rotate Tall-Off

Shooting Menu

Set Picture Control- Standard

Image Quality- Fine or Raw

Image Size- Large

White Balance- Auto or scene specific

Set Picture Control- Standard

Auto Distortion Control- ON

ISO Sensitivity- Lowest practical,  ISO auto Sensitivity OFF, but if you like to use it set ISO MAX to 1600

Color Space- sRGB, unless you are printing and editing your own images, then AdobeRGB

Active D-Lighting- Auto

Long Exp NR- Off

Hi ISO NR- Normal

Release Mode- Single for static subjects, Continuous for moving subjects

Movie Settings- 1920×1080, 24 fps, high quality, Microphone 2, use ME-1 external microphone

Interval Timer Shooting- Off


Custom Setting Menu

AF-C priority selection- release

Built in AF Assist- Off


Ev Steps- 1/3

Shutter Release AE-L- On

Auto Off Timers- Long


Viewfinder Grid Display- On

ISO Display- On

File Number Sequence- On

Exp Delay Mode-Off

Print Date-Off

Flash Ctrl- TTL

Auto Bracketing Set-AE

Assign Function- Release Mode

Assign AE-L/AF-L- Your personal choice.  I use AF-on

Reverse Dial Rotation- Off

Slot Empty release Lock- Lock

Reverse Indicators-  -0+


Setup Menu

Monitor brightness-0

Info Display Format- Graphic

Auto Info Display- On

Video Mode-NTSC

HDMI- Auto

Flicker reduction 60hz

Language- EN

Image Comment- On

Auto Image Rotation- Off

Be sure to check out my blog post on using the Interval Timer Shooting feature

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