Best Photographer/Filmmaker Items for Under $100

Here’s a short list of items that made my life a little easier this year. Some of these items are handy when shooting video, some are handy when shooting stills and some are handy for both. Some of the things that make my life easiest as a photographer/videographer have nothing at all to do with photography. […]

January 2015 Newsletter

Hi there! Hope to see you at one of my upcoming workshops: Nashville Video Workshop— January 31-February 1 Orlando- February 6-7.   Action & People/ Elements of Photography Dallas- February 20-21.  Basics of Camera Control and Exposure/ Action and People/Creative Lighting Atlanta- March 14-15. Action and People/Landscape and Travel/Basics of Exposure and Camera Control […]

January 2014 Newsletter

What happened to our October, November and December newsletters?  We moved! I’ve spent the last 3 months packing, unpacking and re-arranging so I took a hiatus from the newsletter.  Now that I’m back I have lots of news from the photo world to share.  I’ve got two workshops coming up in June, that I’m excited […]

September 2013 Newsletter

September 2013 Newsletter Things that made my life easier this month: Beachtek has a couple of new video products that work really well, their Kamkit and MCC-2 audio adapter have been essential tools for me. Just picked up Nikon’s 60mm Macro lens and really like it a lot. Been using the Fader variable neutral density […]

March News

Hi Folks, This is the March newsletter from Michael A. Schwarz Photography. Happy spring! I hope you guys have lots of great shooting plans for the spring and summer. Some interesting tidbits from the web last month. The New York Times had a fascinating story about the search for the truth about a photo.  Sometimes […]

February News

Upcoming workshops: Excited to announce that Bill Durrence and I will host a two-day, hands-on workshop at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, June 1 & 2.  More information will be available in a month or so. Only one more spot available for the April Photo Trek that David Tejada and I are leading on the Northern […]

To Filter or Not to Filter

Do you keep a filter on your lens at all times as a way of protecting the front element of your lens? That’s a question I get at almost every workshop I teach.


One of the best of the lesser-known features that most of the Nikon Cameras I use is the “Interval Timer Shooting” menu item found in the shooting menu. This menu item, allows you to program the camera to automatically take photos at an interval that you set. For example, you could set the camera to […]

Memory Card Terminology Made Simple

Ever wonder what all that gibberish on the front of your memory cards mean.  With the help of Sandisk National Account Manager Peter Liebmann we’ll try to explain.

Don’t Fear the SD Card

OK, I’ll admit it, I’m a CompactFlash (CF) memory card snob.  In the early days of digital photography, the first cameras I used did not use CF or SD cards, but a PCMCIA card called a Viper. These cards stored about 85mb and cost about $200.  But with the introduction of affordable professional digital cameras […]