May 2015 Newsletter

May 2015 newsletter

I’ve really enjoyed my new Nikon D750.  I’ve got my favorite camera settings listed here:

Ever wonder what cameras were used to shoot this year’s Oscar nominated films? Of course you didn’t, but here they are anyway:

or this:

Scathing, but right on blog from Kenneth Jarceke:

Sports Illustrated Photographer Ron Modra has a new book out:

Did you know Leonard Nimoy was an accomplished photographer:

How to be a filmmaker:

The photo that changed the Civil Rights Movement.

Twelve Kick Ass Women Photojournalists  to follow on Instagram:

Cool exhibit at the Booth Museum in Cartersville, GA until June 7, with Eric Draper​, David Valdez​ and Bob McNeely.

19th century tourists took silly vacation photos too.

Interesting study on people’s ability to recognize high quality photographs:

John Harrington’s tutorial on registering your photos with the Copyright office.

Pretty cool depth of field simulator:

The Sad tale of Eastman Kodak:

Can’t wait to see this new documentary on Sebastian Salgado:

Lighting legend Paul Buff passes away at 78.

AN excellent book on Copyright for Photographers

Amazon announces unlimited cloud storage:

Composition, using the work of Steve McCurry:

Rich Clarkson shooting his 60th Final Four

Interview with Elliott Erwitt:

How one photographer goes after copyright infringers:

The Secret Lives of the White House Press Corps:

Lee Friedlander captures New York City:

The 2015 Pulitzer Prizes:

What good can a photo do?:

Careless photographer at a bike race:

Very scary claim by Facebook on ownership of content:

And the flipped here:

A very well-researched piece on the recent confrontation between photographers and some folks in West Virginia:

A nice anecdote with a happy ending.

Happy Shooting,

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