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June Newsletter

June Newsletter Great talk by Sebastiao Salgado Photo Cheat Sheets Adobe is moving the Creative Suite to the Cloud Scott Kelby’s perspective on Adobe’s Creative Cloud Hitler’s perspective CNet’s take: Pretty good FAQ on Adobe’s Creative Cloud scheme. Chart explaining Creative Commons Licensing This new documentary on New York’s […]

February News

Upcoming workshops: Excited to announce that Bill Durrence and I will host a two-day, hands-on workshop at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, June 1 & 2.  More information will be available in a month or so. Only one more spot available for the April Photo Trek that David Tejada and I are leading on the Northern […]

In Case You Missed It V2.0

Compelling Links from the Photo Community: August 4, 2011 Zacuto posts part 2 of their Great Camera Shootout. James Estrin posts a touching tribute to Jerome Liebling. The awesome dudes at Photoshelter share this video of Blake Discher talking about negotiating with clients. Selina Maitreya shares her summer reading list. James Pomerantz re-posts this classic […]

In Case You Missed It V1.0

Compelling Links from the Photo Community: July 28, 2011 Very cool 360VR  from the Discovery Flight Deck. Fantastic Presentation from Tim Mantoani at the Sports Shooter Academy Lighting Luau. Petapixel reports on Google adding EXIF search. Microsoft has released their RAW file viewing Codec for Windows 7. Thinking about downloading the new Mac operating System […]

Photographing Fireworks

The Fourth of July is right around the corner.  Here in the United States, many folks will celebrate Independence Day, the day we commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, declaring independence from Great Britain, by getting drunk and blowing things up.  So this is the time of year I get lots of questions […]


One of the best of the lesser-known features that most of the Nikon Cameras I use is the “Interval Timer Shooting” menu item found in the shooting menu. This menu item, allows you to program the camera to automatically take photos at an interval that you set. For example, you could set the camera to […]

Atlanta Botanical Garden Frog

Confessions of an Autofocus Snob

      These fancy Nikon cameras that I like to use have some incredible technology built into them.  Thankfully, lots of research and development must have gone into the autofocus functions of these cameras.  I don’t know what I would do if I had to resort to manual focus or rely on substandard autofocus […]

The Histogram Made Simple

Some of the most common questions we get at the workshops we teach are about histograms. The histogram is an extraordinarily useful tool in digital photography.  We encounter it in our image editing software as well as on the LCD screen of our camera when we review our images. On Nikon cameras, while reviewing an […]