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Compelling Links from the Photo Community: July 28, 2011

Very cool 360VR  from the Discovery Flight Deck.

Fantastic Presentation from Tim Mantoani at the Sports Shooter Academy Lighting Luau.

Petapixel reports on Google adding EXIF search.

Microsoft has released their RAW file viewing Codec for Windows 7.

Thinking about downloading the new Mac operating System “Lion”? Cradoc Fotosoftware (the brilliant folks who bring you FotoQuote) offers the following suggestion for pre-checking for incompatible software.

  • “In your Utilities folder (a shortcut is Shft Cmd U from the desktop) run the System Profiler program. In the column on the left select Applications from the Software section. Scroll to the right until you see the column “Kind”. Click on the header “Kind” to sort. Anything in the list that is Classic or PowerPC will not run in Lion”.


An interview with MediaStorm Producer Rick Gerhson

The New York Times’ Lens Blog reports on the return of Joao Silva.

And finally, with the horror of what happened in Norway still fresh in the news, it’s nice to go back to this Time Lapse video of the Northern Lights from the National Geographic’s YouTube channel to remember how beautiful that country can be.


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