Nikon D90 settings

These are the D90 settings that I usually use.  Your mileage may vary.

Playback Folder- all

Display Mode- check highlight only

Image Review- off

Rotate Tall- off



Set Picture Control- Standard, with Saturation dialed down one increment for people, vivid for landscapes.

Image Quality- Your choice, JPG Fine or Raw preferred.

Image Size- Large

White Balance- appropriate for your shooting situation.

ISO sensitivty settings- As low as practical. Excellent quality achievable up to 1600. Usable up to 3200. Auto control off.

Active D-Lighting- Auto

Color Space- AdobeRGB. sRGB if large amounts of prints from commercial lab are to be made.

Long Exp NR- Off unless needed.

High ISO NR- Normal

Multiple exposure- off

Movie Settings- Quality 1280×720, Sound On.


LCD Brightness-0

Clean Image Sensor- Clean Now

Video Mode- NTSC


Image Comment-on add your name here

Auto Image Rotation-on


Firmware Version- Check Nikon website to confirm you have latest version.


RETOUCH MENU- use to your heart’s content.



AF-area mode- dynamic area

Center Focus Point- normal zone

Built-in AF-assist illuminator-off

AF point illumination-on

Focus point wrap around-off

Live View Autofcous- normal

EV steps- 1/3 step- off

EV comp/fine tune- 1/3

Easy expsoure com.- off

Center-weighted area- 8mm

Fine tune optimal exposure-no

Shutter release AE-L-on

Auto meter off- 16 secs

Self-timer delay- 10secs

Monitor off delay- Playback and Menus- 20 secs; Shooting info10 secs; Image Review- 4 secs.

Remote on duration- 1 min

Beep -OFF!

Viewfinder grid display- on

ISO display and adjustment- off

viewfinder warning display- on

Screen tips- on

CL Mode speed- 3fps

File Number Sequence- ON!

Shooting info display- Auto

LCD illumination-off

Exposure delay mode- off

Flash warning- off

MB-D80 battery-LR6

Flash shutter speed- 1/30

Flash control for built-in flash- TTL, commander if triggering a remote flash

Modeling Flash- off

Auto Bracketing Set- AE

Auto FP- on

Bracketing order- under>mtr>over

Light switch- LCD backlight

OK Button- reset

Assign Function Button- Func button press-spot metering.

Assign AE-L/AF-L- AF-ON

Customize Command dials- Reverse rotation-off, Change main/sub-off, Menus and Playback-on

No Memory Card-lock

Reverse Indicators- minus on left, plus on right.

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