Nikon D40 settings

These are the D40 settings I like.  Pick the ones that work for you.

Playback Menu Custom Settings Continued
Playback Folder all Built-in flash TTL

Rotate Tall off Auto off timers normal
Shooting Menu Self-timer 10s
Optimize Image Normal for most uses, Portrait for portraits and vivids for outdoor scenes. Remote on duration 1m

Image Quality Fine
Image Size L
White Balance A or Fluorescent when indoors under fluorescent light and no flash SETUP Menu
CSM/setup Menu
Full (Simple will work fine but will reduce some of your menu options)

Format Memory Card
ISO 200 outside, 400 with flash, 400-800 outdoor sports, 1600-3200 indoor or nightime sports without flash Info Display Graphic
Noise Reduction on Auto Shooting Info

World time set accurately on first use
Custom Settings LCD Brightness

Restores default settings Video Mode ntsc
Off Language En (whatever you speak)
AF Area Mode Dynamic Area Image Comment On- input your name
Focus Mode AF-C USB


Metering Matrix File No. Sequence on
Shooting Mode continuous Mirror Lockup only for cleaning
No Memory Card Lock

Firmware Version

A1.1  B1.1

Image Review on Auto Image Rotation

ISO Auto off

Flash Level 0

Timer/Function Self-Timer

AF Assist off

AE Lock off
Auto Bkt set AE & Flash
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