Nikon J1 Camera Settings

Nikon J1, 30-110mm lens. Shot at ISO 160, F/5.3, 160th JPG fine.

The Nikon J1 is Nikon’s first entry into the Interchangeable Lens Compact (ILC) arena.  It’s a small camera with a larger sensor than a point-and-shoot camera, but with interchangeable lens like an SLR camera.  The idea being that the larger sensor can provide higher quality images than a typical point-and-shoot camera without the camera itself being much larger.

The camera is ideal for two types of shooters, digital SLR owners who at times would prefer to carry a smaller camera and for those who might find the typical digital SLR too cumbersome or complicated.

I have enjoyed shooting with the J1 over the last year. There have been times when I have left my SLR behind to carry the smaller J1.  It’s a great camera for hiking and great for being stealthy. I’ve even shot assignments using the J1.  Its silent shutter has come in handy shooting on TV and movie sets.

The settings below are the settings I use.  Keep in mind that I will set the camera up differently depending on whether I am shooting for fun or for an assignment.

Playback menu

Rotate Tall- Off


Shooting Menu

Exposure Mode- P

Image Quality- Fine for fun, Raw for Pro

Image Size- Large if shooting JPG

Continuous- Single

Metering- Matrix

White Balance- Auto


Picture Control- SD

Color Space- SRGB for fun, Adobe RGB for Pro

Active D-Lighting- On

Long Exposure NR- Off

High ISO Noise Reduction- On

Focus Mode- AF-A for fun, AF-S for Pro

AF-Area Mode- Auto Area for fun, Single-point for Pro

Face Priority AF- On for fun, Off for Pro

Built-in AF assist- off