Nikon D800 Camera Settings

Nikon D800 Camera Settings

These are the settings for the Nikon D800 that I prefer and are  subject to change.

The Nikon D800 can be purchased here.

Playback Menu
Playback Display Options- Highlights, Shooting Data: On
Image Review-Off
After Delete- Show next
Rotate Tall-Off

Shooting Menu
Primary Slot Selection- CF
Role Played by Slot 2- Raw Primary, JPG secondary
Image Quality- Raw + JPG Fine
Image Size- Large
JPEG Compression- Optimal Quality
NEF Recording- Lossless Compressed 14-bit
Set Picture Control- Standard
Auto Distortion Control- On
Color Space- Adobe RGB
Active D-Lighting- Auto
HDR- Off
Vignette Control- Off
Long Exp NR- off
High ISO NR- Normal
Movie Settings-  Quality 1920×1080 24 fps, Microphone 7 with external microphone added, Destination SD, Movie Quality- High

Custom Settings Menu
AF-C selection- release
AF-S selection- focus
Focus Tracking with Lock On- normal
AF activation- AF-On only
AF Point illumination- on
Focus Point wrap-around- OFF
Number of Focus points-  AF51
Built-in AF assist illuminator- off

ISO Sensitivity- 1/3
EV Steps- 1/3
Easy Exposure Comp- Off
Center Weighted- 8
Fine tune optimal exposure- No
Shutter release button AE-L- On
Standby Timer 10 secs
Auto Meter Off Delay- 10 secs
Beep- Off
CL Mode speed- 2fps
Max continuous release- 100
Fine number sequence- On
Viewfinder Grid-On
ISO Display- Off
Screen Tips-On
Information Display- Auto
LCD illumination- off
MB-D14 battery type- NiMH
Battery Order- MB-D14
Flash sync speed – 1/250
Flash Shutter Speed- 1/30
Flash Control for Built-in flash – TTL
Modeling Flash – Off
Auto Bracketing- Flaash/speed
Bracketing Order- N

Multiselector Center Button- Shooting Mode (select center focus point), Playback (zoom in medium), Live View (Zoom in medium)

Multi Selector- Do Nothing

Assign Fn button- Choose Image Area
Assign preview button-  Access top item in my menu
Assign AE-L/AF-L – AE/AF Lock
Shutter Speed and Aperture Lock-Off
Assign BKT button- BKT
Customize command dial- all ON, aperture setting sub-command
Release Button to use dial- On
Slot Empty release lock – Lock
Reverse Indicator-   -0+
Assign MB-D12 AF-ON- AF-On

Movie Controls
Assign Fn button-off
Assign Preview button- View Info
Assign AE-L/AF-L-  AE/AF Lock
Assign Shutter Button- Record Movies

Setup Menu
Monitor Brightness-  Auto
Clean Image Sensor- Clean now
Video Mode- NTSC in USA
HDMI- Output resolution Auto
Device Control- On
Flicker reduction – Auto
Image Comment- On {add your name here}
Auto Image Rotation- On
Copyright Information- ON {add your name here}


Recommended D800 accessories and buying advice.
I recommend buying photographic equipment from a local store where you can handle the equipment and get advice from a knowledgeable salesperson.  If you don’t have the convenience of a local store, purchasing over the internet needs to be done with caution.  If you are in the US, do not buy equipment marked “import” or “gray market”.  Do not buy from a store that offers prices that are significantly cheaper that what others offer.  There are a lot of unscrupulous outfits out there selling photo equipment and it will not end well for you.  The following links are provided as a convenience for you and will generate affiliate income to help defray the cost of maintaining this site.

Nikon D800 

The following lenses are highly recommended for the D800:

Nikkor 16-35
Nikkor 24-70
Nikkor 70-200
Nikkor 105 Micro

Nikkor 28-300 will not be as sharp as the above lenses but provides a great degree of convenience because of its wide focal length range.

We also recommend the Nikon SB-910 flash

Happy shooting!

-Michael Schwarz

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