As a matter of full disclosure: Michael, may at times, write about about equipment, books or services that have been given to him.  Michael may also have business relationships with equipment manufacturers and retailers. Michael, at all times, strives to be truthful, but does not claim to be objective. Comments about equipment are a result of real world usage in a professional environment. This site reflects the personal opinions and experiences of Michael A. Schwarz.  It is not endorsed or vetted by any of the clients or manufacturers that may be listed.

Occasionally, a piece of equipment or book listed on the site may have a link to a retailer selling that product.  In most cases, purchasing through that link will kick back a small percentage of the sale to this site.  That income is used to maintain this site.  In some cases the links will simply provide you with a discount and will offer no affiliate income. These links are provided for the reader’s convenience.  We do not verify the legitimacy of the links and the retailers associated with the links. We strongly believe that when purchasing camera equipment you should be making those purchases at a local retailer. If that is not possible, purchasing through the provided links is appreciated.

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