Nikon D2X settings

These are the D2X settings I usually use. Your mileage may vary.

Playback Menu Custom Settings Continued
Playback Folder all b1 ISO auto off
Display Mode check all but focus area b2 ISO step value 1/3rd step
Image Review off b3 ev step 1/3rd step
After Delete show next b4 exp comp ev 1/3rd step
Rotate Tall off b5 exp comp off off
b6 center weight 8
Shooting Menu b7 fine tune exp. no
Shooting Menu Bank A ( or whatever active menu you setup} c1 AE Lock off
Reset Shooting Menu no c2 AE-L/AF-L ae/af lock
Active Folder —- c3 auto meter off 16s
File Naming MAS c4 self timer 10s
Image Quality Fine c5 monitor off 20s
Image Size L (medium for clients that don’t want the large files d1 cl shooting speed 3fps
Hi-speed crop off for most situations, on for sports d2 maximum shots 35
JPEG commpression optimal quality d3 exp delay mode off
Raw compression on d4 file no sequence on
White Balance cloudy when outside, flash with flash, pre-set when indoors with artificial or unusual lighting d5 contrl panel/finder rear cntrl panel:iso. viewfinder display: exposures remaining
Long Exp NR off (on when exposure is longer than 1 sec) d6 illumination off
High ISO NR off ( on when ISO 800 or higher) e1 flash sync speed 1/250
ISO 100 outside and in studio, 320 with flash, 400-800 sports e2 flash shutter speed 1/30
Image Sharpening normal e3 aa flash mode on
Tone Compensation normal, low for portraits e4 modeling flash off
Color Space AdobeRGB e5 auto bkt set AE & Flash
Color Mode mode 1 portraits, mode 2 everything else e6 manual mode bkt flash/speed
Hue Adjustment 0 e7 auto bkt order n-mtr-under-over
Image Overlay —- e8 auto bracket select manual value select
Multiple Exposure off f1 center button shooting mode:center af / playback mode: histogram
Intvl Timer off f2 multi selector do nothing
Non-cpu lens data na f3 photo info playback off
f4 func button Hi-speed crop
Custom Settings f5 command dials all default
Bank Select A f6 buttons and dials default
Menu Reset f7 no cf card on
a1 AF-C priority FPS + AF, FPS for sports
a2 AF-S priority Focus
a3 Group Dynamic AF Pattern 1 center area Setup Menu
a4 Lock on off Format —-
a5 AF Activation off LCD Brightness 0
a6 Focus area illum on Video Mode ntsc
a7 Focus area on wrap World Time
a8 Vertical Af-on AF-ON + Focus area Language En
Image Comment on- Michael A. Schwarz
Auto Image Rotation on
voice memo manual only
voice memo overwrite off
voice memo button press and hold
audio output 3
usb p
battery info
firmware a1 b1
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