September 2014 Newsletter

Changes to Nikon School—  If you’ve attended Nikon School in the past, you may want to revisit the course offerings.  Instead of a full day Saturday and Sunday class, we’ve introduced half day classes pegged to specific topics Friday evening and twice on Saturday.  I’ll be teaching this year in Boston, New York, Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas, and Minneapolis.  I’ll also be teaching a two-day hands-on DSLR Video class in New York and somewhere in California TBD.

Check out the classes here.

Monthly News in the Photo World

Yale has created an amazing database of FSA photographs

Very nice interview with photojournalist Ed Kashi.

Tips on shooting with a drone.

Where not to fly your drone.

DropBox just dramatically  lowered its price for cloud storage.  Gizmodo compares other offerings to see who has the best deal.

Wired points ot some the new features in DropBox

Everyone thinks being a National Geographic Photographer is glamorous and exciting.  The Photo Society shows the other side.

15 Free organizational tools for photographers:

The GoPro Field Guide has gone live

You chimp, I chimp, we all chimp…

Short but nice video on David Burnett

Nice BTS, lighting for portrait shoots,–8314.shtml

Nice interview with Dan Chung

20 Questions with Jay Meisel…

Say hello to 512GB SD cards…

What Ami Vitale did after her images were stolen…

Sebastiao Salgado interviewed by NPR :

The Forest Service wants you to pay $1500 to take a picture.

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