September 2013 Newsletter

September 2013 Newsletter

Things that made my life easier this month:

Beachtek has a couple of new video products that work really well, their Kamkit and MCC-2 audio adapter have been essential tools for me.

Just picked up Nikon’s 60mm Macro lens and really like it a lot.

Been using the Fader variable neutral density filter a lot, to enable a wider aperture, for more shallow depth of field when shooting with flash outside.

Been choosing to use the Tascam DR-40 field recorder a lot more than the Zoom H4N.

The Turbo Scan iPhone app saved my butt many times over the last few months when I couldn’t get to a fax or scanner.

The Wescott Apollo Orb got a lot of use this month as my go-to light modifier.

With memory card prices continuing to fall I have started buying bigger cards.  The SanDisk 32gb Extreme Pro card is now my primary memory card.

Three new clients that were a joy to work with.

The Paul C. Buff Vagabond Mini Lithium battery, which I used to power some Einstein strobes on 3 outdoor portraits I shot this month.


Things that made my life more difficult this month:

My web and email host Fat Cow, who improved their email system so much that it randomly failed to send my emails.  Embarrassing when a client doesn’t get your emails.


 Interesting Links:

This guy’s camera collection is out of control.

Bruce Davidson interview.

Hilarious Nokia ad spoofs smartphone cameras.


Steve McCurry is profiled for his upcoming book:


Amazing underwater photos from a National Geographic Photographer will blow your mind.

Here’s a world class photographer who only shoots with one lens.

The importance of registering copyright:

An old interview with Magnum’s darkroom master.

Vietnam War photos that made a difference:

Twenty years of combat photography:

George Mitchell getting his due:

Apple is really pushing the envelope with the new iPhone 5S camera features.  I love that the flash has an adjustable color temperature:

A year in the life of New York Times Photographer Tyler Hicks:

Conversation with Nick Nichols and Brent Sirton about their groundbreaking National Geographic story on Lions.

Adobe has wisely created a sub-classification of its onerous Creative Cloud subscription model, this one just for photographers and it’s not a bad deal.

Very nice lighting handbook from Arri.

Cool behind the scenes on a Duck Dynasty photo shoot.

And this is why you should always carry a camera with you.


Happy shooting,


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